Go Exotic With Centerlock Wheels Conversion

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Are you looking to customize your Porsche wheels with center locking system? CHAMPIONMOTORSPORT is the best place to find the latest and highest quality Champion wheels and tiers with center lock system. Each and every Porsche model uses a special wheel application. For 911 Porsche a wider rare wheel is needed as compared to Boxster. But Panamera and Cayenne are the only Porsche cars that take a 22-inch wheel. You can make sure that at CHAMPIONMOTORSPORT you will find the right wheel application for your Porsche. Porsche wheels are designed to handle basic Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). To make sure a smooth ride, all champion Porsche wheels are hub centric for Porsche.   


How to set a centerlock wheels system? 

Every center lock nut breaks apart into 6 to 7 pieces which include O-rings, gaskets and various other parts that need to be oiled by using specific oil that is advised for Porsche and put back together with care whenever you take out the nut. As Ferrari, Porsche, Gumperts, hosers, they all use a center lock instead of a 5 bolt pattern. No the question is that; 

  • What are the actual benefits of this system?
  • Would they be lighter than having 5 smaller bolts?
  • Fast speed of removal instead of 4 or 5 bolts wheels. 

Benefits of center-lock 

1) Slightly lightweight

2) More area for brakes.

3) Technically stronger for wheels or lighter for the same strength.  

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Issues with center-lock 

1) More torque to tighten

2) Often needs special tools to operate the special nuts

3) Low rim selection

4) High Cost due to low volumes  

On the safety matter, many road cars with center lock wheels have some kind of clip outboard motor locks with mounting nut which would reduce the chance of its working off though not properly tightened. It’s also a misconception to assume that a center lock system stuck in place at one point due to a wheel. You can see Ferrari F50 has center locking wheels system that has 6 mounting bolts on the hub to uncover the wheel. 


CHAMPIONMOTORSPORT has developed and delivered its own well-designed high end upgraded brand of performance products for Porsche applications, from extremely light-weight wheels, carbon blend intakes, and suspension bits to application and aero kits. Visit this site to know more about Champion Porsche wheels and centerlock wheels system.

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Heavy Duty Repair Edmonton By BigRig Power Owntheroad.ca

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Trucks are the backbone of the transport system of a country and economic growth of a country. Managing import and export of physical goods depends heavily on transport companies of a country. Transporting bulk cargo is normally performed using intermodal freight transport, which involves the use of various means of transport without having to manage the transport itself while changing modes of transport. This involves the use of a covered, known as’ heay duty trucks, in the United States named as container This not only reduces the risk of damage during transport, but also improves security and faster shipping.

Edmonton Auto Repair Service

Freight transport by road has experienced a big change from the days when goods were transported by horses, mules and even humans on dirt roads to modern road infrastructure and the state of trucks carrying loads of art imported huge on every continent. In addition, information technology has brought a paradigm shift in the way the movement of goods is managed by trucking companies.

Regardless of whether it is a trucking company that owns a large fleet of trucks or owner/operator, repair of vehicles are of major concern for people involved in transport operations and carry. Repair of heavy duty trucks is a major expense in the trucking business.

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Truck drivers can avoid truck repairs, but only to a point. Preventive maintenance can go a long way in reducing repair costs. Much depends on how you go about your care service. The crucial part is if you’re doing it yourself or always performed by a qualified technician. In any case, you need to keep adequate records and keep track of the frequency of maintenance. The instruction manual is very useful to tell you how and when to change fluids, check the brakes and when to take your truck or trailer for servicing. However, there is no single answer for everyone. Much depends on weather conditions and riding in hot and cold, rain, snow and in traffic, stop and go can have a high cost of machinery.

Companies like Isuzu, Nissan, Hino, Mitsu Fuso ensure that each truck leaving their factories verified for all systems to minimize repair costs. However, with age, there may be a need for the diagnosed problem, repair and reconstruction engine also.

ECM Tuning

Owntheroad BigRig Power in Edmonton specializes in repairing diesel trucks of these foreign companies. At Big Rig power workshop, we Replace broken and shabby parts and diagnose faults through the latest computer aided technology.

Owntheroad BigRig Power mechanics perform routine maintenance and repairs of heavy trucks, buses and coaches.

Big Rig Heavy Duty Repair Edmonton FULL SERVICE GARAGE: Diesel Engine Repair and Rebuild , Electrical Diagnostics and Repair, Complete Brake Service – Air Brakes, Maintenance Programs and transmission Repairs and Replacements.

Call to book an appointment: 1-855-244-7441 or 780-757-5990

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